Well, this is new. (Kinda)

2011-04-19 13:53:01 by ReeceA

Finally, for as long as I've been on this site, I've finally decided to register.
I thought now would be the right moment.
I had some weird-ass dream last night that I was listening to nothing but Kasabian.
Worrying, because that's something that I never do.
It's irrelevant for an introductory post, I know. But it at least tells you about my lifestyle a little.
Which leads to the reason why I registered - to promote my music, and a little bit of the art that I make from time to time.
I'm with a digilabel called Breakbit, if that shows any interest. Maybe it should, if I tell you that it is run by NG's very own mrSimon! ("Oooooh!")
So, my album's here, if you wanna check it out: http://www.breakbitmusic.com/reecea
It consist of various genres such as Drum & Bass, Ambient & Electro.
I may have to post a few on here in 128kbps (EWWW, LOW BITRATES!)

So yeah, I'll try and stay with this site. If I don't post, then spam me with nothing but messages saying "WHERE ARE YOU?". Peace!

- ReeceA